Doris Velazquez: Humboldt Park’s Biggest Heart

Presenters: Dioni Cedeno & Jose Cedeno

We are giving the “Biggest Heart of Humboldt Park” award to Doris Velazquez. We are giving this award to her because while we studied gentrification and displacement, we realized that it is people like her that make our community worth fighting for. Grandma always has a plate of food for anyone and everyone. No matter their walk of life, she welcomes them. She has the biggest heart I know. She thinks about other people before herself and she would give money, clothes, food, and a roof over her head to make sure her com- munity is safe. In our eyes she is a guardian angel. She watches over the community to make sure no one gets hurt emotionally or physically and for that, we thank her. No one cares more than her and we love you very much. For these reasons, she has the biggest heart of Humboldt Park. Thank you, thank you for all you do. Without you Humboldt Park would not be the same. Grandma, we invite you to the stage to accept your award.

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