Statements in Recognition of QOS’ Legacy

Sharon K. Hahs

President, Northeastern Illinois University

Congratulations on the occasion of your 40th anniversary as a part of Northeastern Illinois University and as the oldest continual Latino student publication in the United States.  The University is proud of the work you have done and that you serve as the voice of progressive Latino student activism.  Along with the Union for Puerto Rican Students, you have laid the groundwork for the creation of the minor and major in Latino and Latin American Studies, and contributed to the development of the Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs.  You count among your members and friends a wonderful array of leaders—including a congressman, an alderman, members of the Illinois General Assembly, and even a member of Northeastern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees.

Truly, Que Ondee Sola has added a crucial voice to the rich diversity of the University.  We thank you and we wish you a wonderful celebration and a dynamic future.

The University is proud of the work you have done and that you serve as the voice of progressive Latino student activism.


Marvin García

Board of Trustees, Northeastern Illinois University, Former Que Ondee Sola editor, Class of 1983

Congratulations to all the students from the decade of the ‘70’s and to the current students who publish Que Ondee Sola on it’s 40th anniversary, the longest running Puerto Rican magazine serving all Latinos on the campus of Northeastern Illinois University.  Also congratulations to all the advisers and instructors who supported Que Ondee Sola over the past 40 years.


Dr. Conrad Worrill

Director of the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies

The tradition established by Que Ondee Sola over the last 40 years has affirmed student activism and scholarship among Puerto Rican and Latino students, and has elevated the rich culture of the Puerto Rican and Latino people.  This is a monumental achievement that we wholeheartedly support and appreciate a long lasting alliance.


Billy Ocasio

Senior advisor to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

To me, Que Ondee Sola has been the conscience of what society should follow. It brings to light issues that impact everyone all over the world. I think NEIU is a school everyone needs to follow to learn what is right or wrong.  There are issues that people often want to ignore but Que Ondee Sola continues to speak of them.


Murrell J. H. Duster

Dean of Academic Development/ Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. 

It is with great joy that I congratulate Que Ondee Sola on the celebration of 40 years as a formidable publication at Northeastern Illinois University. The celebration of Puerto Rican history and heritage depicted in each volume has provided students, faculty, and staff with reflections and vital information that bring enormous light to the struggles, progress and accomplishments of Puerto Ricans in Chicago and beyond. In the Angelina Pedroso Center, we have integrated important elements of Puerto Rican history in our programmatic initiatives that engage all students. One of our signature goals in the Pedroso Center is to expand the importance of understanding culture and identity for all students. Que Ondee Sola has contributed greatly to this goal.  We applaud the founders and those who carry on their proud legacy in the pages of Que Ondee Sola. On behalf of the Pedroso Center, I wish you the best for your continued success in the future. You have kept the faith and fought valiantly for your core beliefs, which were founded on the sound principles of liberty and justice.”


Dr. Daniel López

Associate Vice-President for Student Life

Estamos muy orgullosos de la trayectoria de Que Ondee Sola en nuestra universidad. Gracias a su esfuerzo y liderazgo, hoy Northeastern Illinois University es una institución con programas especialmente designados para estudiantes latinos y servicios a la comunidad latina en Chicago.  ¡Felicidades!


Dr. Carlos Azcoitia

President, Board of Trustees at Northeastern Illinois University

“It is indeed an auspicious occasion for Que Ondee Sola to celebrate its 40th Anniversary engaging the Northeastern Illinois University community in highlighting significant issues of extreme importance to our daily lives.  Thank you for reaffirming identity and recognizing diversity as great assets in order to make democracy work for everyone. I congratulate all the leaders of Que Ondee Sola for their tenacity and perseverance with this publication.  Thank you for connecting idealism with action.”


Dr. Christina Gómez

Asst. Professor of Sociology and Coordinator, Latino & Latin American Studies Program

Que Ondee Sola, the longest Latina/o student publication in the country, provides a significant historical document for our community. For over 40 years, this publication has documented the voices of Latina/o students and the major debates of the decades. Each issue is remarkable in its thought provoking content and passion. Students should be very proud of the work they have done and their inspired and forward-thinking articles. Bravo! We all look forward to another 40 years of extraordinary work.


Angelica Rivera

Director of Proyecto Pa’lante

Que Ondee Sola has been an educational and inspirational newsletter for NEIU students, in general, but for Latino students, in particular, during the last 40 years. Students have been very dedicated to maintaining the newsletter while at the same time balancing their own college education. Stories range from getting to know administrators and professors at Northeastern Illinois University to exposing challenging issues that the Puerto Rican community is faced with in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.  Through this newsletter, writers have inspired other students to be aware of social issues and to become engaged in effecting societal change.  Another purpose of Que Ondee Sola has been to document history while at the same time to share beautiful poetry inspired by every day struggles. For all of these reasons I would like to congratulate the staff of Que Ondee Sola and wish them a happy 40th Anniversary!”


Brett Stockdill

Associate Professor of Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Latino & Latin American Studies

I think that Que Ondee Sola and UPRS have accomplished some amazing work on this campus. One of the most important things they have done has been to push for and obtain space where Puerto Rican and other Latino and Latina students can meet. They have been the central force that has pushed for the Pedroso Center, which they first began to struggle for forty years ago. Also,  QOS and UPRS were very important forces in getting the LLAS program [Latino and Latin American Studies program], which started as a minor and will be a full-fledged major next year. This will be important because it will prepare both Latino students and non-Latino students to go out in the world and do meaningful work as social workers, lawyers, professors, and teachers, etc. Furthermore, this major will be really useful in developing students’ critical thinking, research, and writing skills. It will also make students more aware of the history of Latino communities and their respective political struggles, such as, for instance, contemporary patterns of marginalization and resistance to that marginalization.


Denise Román

Advisor, Proyecto Pa’lante

It is with great pride that the staff of Proyecto Pa’Lante honors and pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of Que Ondee Sola!  Proyecto Pa’Lante was created because Latino students composed of members of the Union for Puerto Rican Students came together in solidarity to create a program for student support. Throughout the last 40 years Que Ondee Sola has given a visionary voice to the richness of the Latino culture and has been the platform for advocacy, social justice and Latino Leadership on the NEIU campus and in the Puerto Rican community. These values are fundamental to the mission of Proyecto Pa’Lante; to promote Latino Leadership through education.   We congratulate the staff and writers and everyone who has contributed to the success of Que Ondee Sola!


Dr. Víctor Ortíz

Assistant Professor, Latino & Latin American Studies Program

For decades of continuous publications is, in itself, a major accomplishment for any journal or magazine. For a student-run publication, such longevity is an unprecedented landmark. Felicidades to Que Ondee Sola and best-wishes for the next hundred years. May your exemplary contributions to NEIU be duly supported so your work be as widely recognized as it deserves.


Miguel Cambray

Director, Latina/o Cultural & Resource Center • Compiled by Christian Cambray

Miguel Cambray, 30 is Director of the Latina/o Cultural and Resource Center in the Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs. It is located in room 159 in the B building and is a space where people of any background can come in and engage with individuals of different and similar cultures. This space is crucial because it has been fought for, for so many years. With great power comes great responsibility. It’s a cliche but also very true. As the first director, Mr. Cambray has to set the bar high, and overcome all obstacles. After conducting this interview, it became very clear to me why he is the Director of the Latina/o Cultural & Resource Center.

“Northeastern has become a home for first generation Latino students. A place where first generation students will encounter such a diversity of cultures and experiences. During my time in Northeastern, I’ve seen Latino students work to organize and strengthen their programs and groups. That in itself is a struggle. In addition to formal programs and departments that serve Latinos. El Centro, LLAS [Latino and Latin American Studies program], Latino Heritage Committee, and the cultural center, face the same challenges. Two of my most memorable moments were the first Latino graduation reception and the grand opening of the Latino Resource Center. Those were days that exemplify victories for Latino students and our communities.

QOS [Que Ondee Sola] and UPRS [Union for Puerto Rican Students] were also trying to reestablish themselves. I saw them regroup and transition in leadership. Some of the crucial relationships that they strengthen[ed] over the year has been with LLAS, student groups, and the Latino Resource Center. This process has strengthened the sense of community for Latino students, staff, and faculty. One of the things that I’m proud of is their [QOS] pride and dedication to their 40th year celebration. They also continue to engage various stakeholders in their magazine. They have allowed a continuum of public recognition to other Latino student groups.

The opening and establishment of LLAS and the Latino Resource Center validate the Latino community institutions. Now students can have a place and major that support their identity and, most importantly, their culture. It contextualizes how culture and academic development can be one. These last two years have been the result of all those students, staff, faculty and community members that have fought for the last forty years. It’s an affirmation of our future at Northeastern.

My experience at NEIU and in the community continues to show me how we as Latinos are a beautiful people. We continue to establish ourselves in a positive manner in a society that excludes us. We have many victories to celebrate, but also many struggles to overcome.


Patricia Pérez

QOS Panels Artist, Class of 2012

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without a vision, struggle, and support of the people. I am honored to convey these past 40 years of our Puerto Rican history in a series of panels that represent significant leaders and events. The panels take us on a powerful journey that remind us of the victories and many accomplishments we have achieved throughout the years. These memories that stem from the island to the hearts of many, have inspired new generations of leaders to continue the vision of those before us.

As I prepare for graduation this May, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to create this art piece.  I hope that it will influence future students to look deep into their roots and discover who they are beyond the present moment.

A special “thank you” to the Que Ondee Sola and the Union for Puerto Rican Students for your commitment to Northeastern Illinois University students. I personally value the many articles you have written and magazines you have published because they have not only informed me, but inspired some of the artwork I produce.


In Memoriam:

Drs. Dan Stern, Ben Coleman, and Daniel Stern: ¡Presente!

Que Ondee Sola Honors our allies and supporters who are no longer with us.

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